Before MBM fields a crew, they must complete a rigorous and comprehensive program of training in all aspects of professional cleaning, conduct and safety.
Supervisors must also complete a special course of training which includes advanced technical and management techniques and emergency first-aid skills.

At the start of a new assignment, the Site Supervisor familiarizes every member of the crew with the project and together they review the specific requirements of the job.

The Site Supervisor then goes over the sequence of cleaning steps that will be most efficient, as well as discussing the inspection and safety requirements.


At MBM, client satisfaction is our unifying goal. Pride in the achievement of absolute customer satisfaction is instilled throughout every aspect of our operation.

All systems, including technical training, job structuring, supervisory controls and staff promotion policy are set up with accommodation of the client's needs as their fundamental objective. To make our workers true participants in the achievement of our aspirations, we have incorporated the concept of "ownership". The crew assigned to a job site stays with that job on an ongoing basis. They are given "ownership" of that site.

Their site responsibilities and the client's special requirements are made clear at the outset and a schedule of operations is designed and put in place. Regular meetings are held with the crews to discuss the account status. From that point on they are encouraged to suggest modifications to their schedule, whenever they see an opportunity to improve the service to the client.

We empower each of our crews to propose upgrades in their work plan. As a result, it is no longer management alone, but the entire MBM team, which assumes the responsibility for meeting your needs.

Our management is responsible for determining Control Points which need to be measured.

Depending on the facility, these could include monitoring things like uniform cleanliness, vacuuming techniques, personal safety/security conduct, high dusting, etc.

Data from these is graphed and evaluated to determine the cause of any variations. This information is then discussed with the cleaning crews in their monthly meetings and the entire team helps to develop a better service delivery process.



Our computerized system ensures that all required work is performed on schedule and is fully documented.

The information is reviewed by our supervisory personnel and any discrepancies are corrected immediately.


At MBM, we constantly monitor the evolution of the latest cleaning techniques, equipment and materials. We select our cleaning technology not only for ergonomic efficiency and cost effectiveness, but also for its ability to safeguard the long-term integrity of our client's facilities.

Consideration is given to items like vacuums which have low pile wear characteristics, cleaning carts which have non marking bumpers and cleaning solutions which if spilled are easily cleaned up and are non staining.


Communication is vital to the overall efficiency of our
services. The ultimate test of a communications system is response time. Here again MBM leads the industry.

Should you need to make a scheduling change in a hurry, our Direst Access System gives you 24-hour access to MBM’s supervisory personnel. Once the situation has been dealt with, your Representative contacts you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

For details on our Digital Systems please review
the > Internet Services section of this Web site.

The optimum test of a service delivery system is its compliance to specifications. Our processes are constantly evaluated by our management.

It is our mission at MBM to strive for continuous improvement of our service delivery process. As such, each client's account is evaluated on a monthly basis, and recommendations are made based on the data collected.

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