24-Hour Digital Direct Phone Access
Any person at a facility can use the MBM voice system to leave cleaning instructions for MBM personnel. Messages can be left at any time of day, on any day of the year.

Within 60 seconds of the call, our system pages the appropriate members of the Operations Team for the relevant account. These members typically include MBM work crews, MBM site supervisors, MBM customer service representatives (CSRs), and the MBM Account Manager. As soon as the requested tasks are completed, our crews advise either the client or the CSR.

Our Digital Direct Phone system is just one way for us to put 24/7 services at your fingertips.

24-Hour Access by Email
Our Supervisors are equipped with handheld RIM devices with direct access to email. Every client has a specific email account with MBM and all messages received or sent through the account are routed to the relevant Operations Team members thus ensuring that all requests are serviced promptly.

Customized Software for 24-Hour Client Support
At MBM, customized software ensures our immediate response. You can submit your instructions and view your reports through the password-protected area of this Web site. Either way, your specifications are swiftly entered into the MBM database, ensuring that your requests are met on schedule, with documentation satisfying all your audit-trail requirements.

For details on our 24-hour client support, visit the
Internet Services area of this Web site.

On-Site Instructions
For clients preferring a more traditional approach a Communications Log is on-site at every facility, which enables our clients to communicate directly with the MBM crew on cleaning issues.

For all email and voice mail requests MBM can at the end of the month, send the client a summary report detailing all requests made from a given facility and the responses taken by MBM.

Our systems and crews are fast, they are responsive, they provide full documentation, and they always offer a 100% follow-up on all facility requests. No wonder our clients love our way of doing things.

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