Building on new technologies determines our future success.

Direct access to MBM over the internet

In today's busy world
, MBM makes it easy for facility managers to oversee their buildings. Clients can now handle much of their direct interaction with MBM over the Internet.
This can range from receiving electronic billings to reviewing detailed reports about their facility. In fact, any person can leave site-specific e-mail work instructions for the cleaning crews. These are automatically entered into our databases and converted into formal work orders.

MBM's live databases allow our clients' facility managers to review, straight from this Web site, the progress and implementation of any work orders which are still open. All requests from any building are fully documented, and are open to scrutiny both by the client and by MBM management.
Upon the closure of a work order, MBM sends an advisory to the client by e-mail, fax, or voice mail.
This Web site gives facility managers password-protected access to all open work orders, to a report showing when each of their facilities was visited or inspected by an MBM supervisor, to a listing of periodic activities scheduled for completion in the current month, and to a monthly report by a senior manager at MBM discussing each facility in relation to MBM's focus on the cleaning standards.
Facility managers can also use their password-protected account profiles to see which MBM workers have been assigned to their buildings, with a synopsis of each worker's background, training, and experience.

Clients are thus assured that Occupational Health and Safety Act training requirements are being met - for instance, that up-to-date Tool Box safety talks are being conducted on site.
Since a periodic review of these reports is an essential part of the due-diligence process, MBM encourages its clients to print out their account-profile reports for their files.

MBM has been using the control principles of ISO 9002 for a number of years. Rather than just looking at the end result, we constantly review the entire process of delivering our service.
We have many control points and generate a number of internal reports which cannot be viewed on this Web site. Clients are encouraged to talk to us if there is some specific information they need which is not covered by our standard Web-publishing model. You will find us surprisingly flexible, ready not only to send the required reports by e-mail, but also to customize your Web interface

MBM Digital Direct Phone Access

The Internet
, however, is not all. In addition, any person at a facility - even a security guard - can use the MBM Direct Access voice-mail system from any Touch-Tone phone to leave cleaning instructions for MBM personnel. Messages can be left at any time of day, on any day of the year.

Within 60 seconds of the call, our system pages the appropriate members of the Operations Team for the relevant account. These members typically include MBM work crews, MBM site supervisors, MBM customer service representatives (CSRs), and the MBM Account Manager.
As soon as the requested tasks are completed, our crews advise either the client or the CSR
At the end of the month, MBM can send the client a summary report detailing all requests made from a given facility and the responses taken by MBM.

Our systems and crews are fast, they are responsive, they provide full documentation, and they always offer a 100% followup on all facility requests. No wonder our clients love our way of doing things.
Our Internet and Direct Phone system is just one more way for us to put service at your fingertips.

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