Effective employee training is a key element of any organizations success. We have summarized the topics we cover and outlined the content of our training programs.

A thorough training plan is implemented through classroom study and hands-on experience.

Beginning employees are instructed in company policies and requirements as well as specific basic instructions for proper chemical and equipment use and care. Our J-fill and Multi-clean solution delivery systems dilute chemicals automatically and greatly reduce the employee's exposure to full-strength solutions. Our supervisors go over all MSDS sheets posted at the site and train the employee how to dilute and label all chemicals.

All employees are instructed in proper lifting technique and in personal safety measures as well as equipment, chemical and slip-and-fall safety measures to reduce any risk of injury.

Each employee is then instructed in the concept of "team cleaning." Through videos and hands on instruction, our cleaning teams are walked through the cleaning process step-by-step, then our supervisors take them to the site for personal instruction specific to the building or buildings they are in charge of.

New employees are integrated into each team with care. For the first two weeks they are under the direct supervision of our Account Manager. Then, through site inspections and employee follow-ups, the new employee is monitored on a regular basis for the next two months to make sure his or her work is satisfactory. Monthly inspections and follow-ups are then scheduled to monitor the new employee's progress within the team.

For all employees, continuing education is an annual requirement. At specific times throughout the year, MBM Cleaning Service, Inc. holds janitorial classes on such subjects as floor care, carpet cleaning certification, bathrooms, and special equipment maintenance.

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